British Columbia, Canada has over 20 Prostate Cancer Support Groups meet once a month. This Richmond group is found in 2013 by volunteers and focused on providing help to Chinese-speaking men, but everyone is welcome. We speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin, meet on the second Thursday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Seniors Centre of Minoru Centre for Active Living (7191 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC V6Y 1N9 Multipurpose Room 1 (1033)). Join us for the professional presentation and talk to other men and family members who have been dealing with prostate cancer for weeks, months or even years.

No registration is required. Please swipe your Facility Pass ($28/year for seniors 55+ or spouses) or pay a $4.5 drop-in fee at the front desk when arriving for each session.

If you want to chat one on one with a survivor, you may drop in our walking club. The Richmond Blue Walkers walk 5-10 km on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am-11 am, along the beautiful river dykes and parks in Richmond (Walk in the Richmond Shopping Centre during the raining days or cold seasons). Click here for the schedule or contact Daniel Leung at 604-836-6423 for the locations and meeting places.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of BC accepts donation online, please go to 捐款前列腺癌基金會請到

此支援小組乃義工組織,我們講英語普通話廣東話幫助您了解良性前列腺疾病與前列腺癌的病徵預防治療康復與最新醫療硏究等資訊每月第二個星期四下午6:30-8:30在「明納健康活動中心」的長者中心多用途活動室1 (1033)


列治文前列腺癌友步行團「藍天健行」每週二和週四早上9時至11時沿著美麗的河堤和公園散步在下雨天或寒冷季節步行於列治文購物中心)。點擊查詢活動更新 打電話604-836-6423 (Daniel)

This blog is provided as a public service. Any persons using the information or documents provided on the blog do so at their own risk. Reference: Oncology Guide to Reliable Websites

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Blue Walkers schedules AUGUST 2020 年8月「藍天健行」時間表

August 4 & 6, Tuesday & Thursday, 9-11am

Our dates to drop off recycling items to the 5555 Lynas Lane recycling depot.

Fraser River Middle Arm Dyke (From Lynas Lane to Terra Nova)

GPS address of the meeting place: 5400 River Road, Richmond

August 11 & 13, Tuesday & Thursday, 9-11am

West Dyke Trail (From Terra Nova to Williams Road)

GPS address of the meeting place: Terra Nova Public Washroom, Richmond

August 18 & 20, Tuesday & Thursday, 9-11am

South Dyke Recreational Trail (From No. 3 Road Fishing Pier to No. 2 Road Pier)

GPS address of the meeting place: NO. 3 Road Fishing Pier, Richmond

August 25 & 27, Tuesday & Thursday, 9-11am

South Arm Park (Meet at the front door of South Arm Community Centre)

GPS address of the meeting place: 8680 Williams Road, Richmond

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP July-September programs 2020 年7-9月前列腺健康專題講座

Due to the Minoru Centre was closed for COVID-19 from April, we are changed to Zoom Meeting. 
明納中心因COVID-19關閉,更改為 Zoom Meeting, 請在家中按時上網

Meeting ID: 831 7307 1250
One tap mobile +1 778 907 2071,,83173071250# (Vancouver)
Find your local number:

July 9, 2020, Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm – English presentation  (Chinese sharing)
202079日,星期四 6:30pm-8:30pm - 英語講座(國語和粤語翻譯) 
Dr Sheila Garland PhD, R PSYCH video on“Sleeping Well With and BeyondCancer  (無癌-睡個好覺)

August 13, 2020, Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm – English/Mandarin presentation  
2020813日,星期四 6:30pm-8:30pm - 英語/國語講座
Dr Chichun (Wally)Lin, MHS, Psy.D. (啟鈞博士) presenting on "Social and Family Supports" (社會與家庭支持系統)

September 10, 2020, Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm – English/Cantonese presentation  
2020910日,星期四 6:30pm-8:30pm - 英語/粤語講座
Dr Wellam Yu Ko, RN, PhD. (余威廉士) presenting on "Testosterone: An overview" (概述睾丸激素)

Monday, July 6, 2020

Blue Walkers schedules July 2020 年7月「藍天健行」時間表

July 7 & 9  Also, our dates to drop off recycling items to the 5555 Lynas Lane recycling depot.
Fraser River Middle Arm Dyke (From Lynas Lane to Terra Nova)
GPS address of the meeting place: 5400 River Road, Richmond

July 14 & 16
West Dyke Trail (From Terra Nova to Williams Road)
GPS address of the meeting place: Terra Nova Public Washroom, Richmond

July 21 & 23
Garry Point Park & Steveston Village (From Garry Point to No. 3 Road)
GPS address of the meeting place: Garry Point Parking Area, Richmond

July 28 & 30
Nature Park Trail (Meet at Nature Park parking lot)
GPS address of the meeting place: Richmond Nature Park

COVID-physical distancing

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ask an Oncologist on June 22nd, 2020, 3:30-4:30 pm

InspireHealth is hosting a Q&A with Dr. Rutledge called ‘Ask An Oncologist’.

The webinar will focus on how patients can manage their fears and anxieties about their cancer and treatments especially during COVID-19.

Please share the poster below with your support group members and network.

Thank you!

Monday, June 1, 2020

PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP April - June programs 2020 年4-6月前列腺健康專題講座

WE ARE MOVED!! We meet monthly on the second Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm in the Multipurpose Room 1(1033) of Seniors Centre at Minoru Centre for Active Living, 7191 Granville Avenue, Richmond, V6Y 1N9 
Please swipe your Facility Pass (annual $28 for seniors 55+) or pay a $4.5 drop-in fee at the front desk when arriving for each session.
我們搬遷了!! 每月第二個星期四下午6:30-8:30在「明納健康活動中心」的長者中心多用途活動室1 (1033)。每次都需要在前台刷您的會員證(55歲以上長者年費$28),也可以付$4.5的單次場地費。

Minoru Centre is closed for COVID-19 from April to June, We will be Changed to Zoom Meeting 
明納中心因COVID-19關閉,更改為 Zoom Meeting, 在家中按時上網
April 9, 2020, Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm - Cantonese Presentation  
2020年4月9日,星期四 6:30pm-8:30pm - 廣東話講座 
Myths About Prostate Cancer (關於前列腺癌的迷思)

May 14, 2020, Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm - Cantonese Presentation 
2020年5月14日,星期四 6:30pm-8:30pm 廣東話講座
Prostate Cancer Treatments (前列腺癌各種治療法)

Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 863 7872 5646 
June 11, 2020, Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm 
2020年6月11日,星期四 6:30pm-8:30pm  
Understanding Gleason Scores (了解格里森評分 - 决定前列腺癌治療的指標)

The speaker is our advisor Dr Wellam Yu Ko RN, PhD, Cantonese/English presentation :

Wellam Yu Ko completed his PhD at UBC in 2018. His research used the masculinities framework to examine the connections between work, prostate cancer and radical prostatectomy. Wellam’s research findings provide a strong foundation from which he plans to investigate the effectiveness of potential interventions designed to help men manage career and employment-related priorities after prostate cancer diagnosis. As a Registered Nurse, Wellam is committed to raising awareness about male-specific health issues in the community and is involved in the Richmond Chinese Prostate Cancer Support Group’s activities to disseminate evidence-based knowledge and support men with prostate cancer.

四月至六月 粤語/英語講座,講者是我們的顧問 余威廉博士, 註册護士:余威廉博士於2018年獲取了温哥華英屬哥倫比亞大學(UBC)博士學位。他採用男子氣概的特徵作為檢視框架,致力於研究前列腺癌、前列腺癌根治術與工作之間的關繫。從計劃調查潛在干預性措施的有效性,以幫助男性在診斷出前列腺癌後,如何管理與職業和就業相關的優先事項,他的研究結果提供了堅實的基礎。余博士以註册護士身份,致力於提昇社區對男性健康認知有很大貢獻,並積極參與列治文華人前列腺癌支援網絡,將所知所學及其相關研究、實證結果與大眾分享。

We speak English, Mandarin & Cantonese   我們說英語,國語和粤語    Contact: Daniel Leung 604-836-6423

Friday, May 1, 2020

COVID-19 and cancer webinar series

The Canadian Cancer Society has launched a COVID-19 and cancer webinar series to help offer support and information to people with cancer and their caregivers. The series features expert presenters discussing many of the central issues affecting people living with cancer during the pandemic.
Webinar #1:

Webinar Title: COVID-19 and cancer patients
Webinar Length: 13 mins
Presenter: Dr Craig Earle, Vice President of Cancer Control at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and a medical oncologist at Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Centre in Toronto
Availability: Available now
Webinar Overview: Dr Earle answers commonly asked questions about COVID-19 and cancer. For instance, are people with certain cancers at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19 and what can they do to reduce their risk? What should people with cancer do if their treatment is delayed? Dr Earle will answer these questions and more in this webinar.

Webinar #2:

Webinar Title: Coping with cancer and COVID-19
Webinar Length: 25 mins
Presenter: Danielle VandeZande, Senior Manager, Peer Support, Canadian Cancer Society
Availability: Available now
Webinar Overview: Intended for people with cancer and their loved ones, this webinar will share ways to navigate and manage the added sense of isolation, stress and uncertainty in the context of cancer and COVID-19. 

What is the COVID-19 and cancer webinar series?  
CCS has launched a COVID-19 and cancer webinar series to help offer support and information to people with cancer and their caregivers. The series features expert input on central issues affecting people living with cancer during this time. These webinars are accessible for viewing any time and you can begin watching immediately after registering.

Find the COVID-19 and cancer webinar series on

For more information about COVID-19 and cancer, please visit

Monday, April 6, 2020

Blue Walkers schedules April-May 2020 年4-5月「藍天健行」時間表

Keep you and your family healthy & safe!
Every day is a walking day, but dress warmer or pick a sunny day
Everywhere is a walking trail, but keep a social distance!

COVID-physical distancing
For Richmond Trails System Map, please click here!

Here are our schedules in April and May, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9-11am:

April 7 & 9, May 5 & 7: 
Also, our dates to drop off recycling items to the 5555 Lynas Lane recycling depot.
Fraser River Middle Arm Dyke (From Lynas Lane to Terra Nova)
GPS address of meeting place: 5400 River Road, Richmond

April 14 & 16, May 12 & 14:
West Dyke Trail (From Terra Nova to Williams Road)
GPS address of meeting place: Terra Nova Public Washroom, Richmond

April 21 & 23, May 19 & 21:
Garry Point Park & Steveston Village (From Garry Point to No. 3 Road)
GPS address of meeting place: Garry Point Parking Area, Richmond

April 28 & 30, May 26 & 28:
Garry Point Park (One-way walking route)
GPS address of meeting place: Garry Point Parking Area, Richmond
As posted on
Public playgrounds, sport fields, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, skate parks, bike parks, lacrosse boxes and outdoor fitness amenities are closed until further notice.

Parks and trails remain open, however please maintain physical distancing, avoid gathering in groups and practice frequent hand washing.

The majority of public washrooms remain open and are frequently cleaned and maintained. See Affected City Services & Facilities for details and maps.

PoPville » Let's Talk Parks, Playgrounds, Fields and Social ...

Social distancing – Do's and Don'ts - News | UAB

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer (前列腺切除術治療前列腺癌)

Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer (前列腺切除術治療前列腺癌) 
The Ins and Outs of Radical Prostatectomy with Dr. Peter Black
Video by Prostate Cancer Canada (English presentation)
 with Chinese translation handout 中文繙譯大綱

The objective of this presentation is to educate patients, their partners and their loved ones to learn about radical prostatectomy as a treatment option for prostate cancer. We will discuss what the surgery entails and what to expect during the early recovery period. This will include consideration of possible complications of surgery and the need for sexual and bladder rehabilitation after surgery. Finally we will also discuss additional cancer therapies that may be offered after radical prostatectomy and how patients are followed to ensure they remain cancer free.
本演講的目的是教育患者,他們的伴侶和他們的親人,以了解根治性前列腺切除術作為前列腺癌的治療選擇。 我們將討論手術的內容以及在早期恢復期中的期望。 這將包括考慮可能的手術併發症以及術後是否需要進行性和膀胱康復。 最後,我們還將討論根治性前列腺切除術後可能提供的其他癌症治療方法,以及如何隨訪患者以確保他們保持無癌狀態。

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Prostate Cancer and Mental Health Survey - If I Were Tom

Why are we doing this study?

The UBC and Prostate Cancer Foundation BC are doing this survey to learn more about end-user perspectives on a range of prostate cancer-related health issues and the If I Were Tom website, including content satisfaction, overall functionality, and look. The results of this survey will guide and inform website updates, as well as contribute empirical understandings about the psychosocial prostate cancer needs of men and their families. 

Who can participate in this study?
To be able to participate in this study we require that you:
1.       Are 19 years old or older;
2.       Reside in Canada;
3.       Are a man experiencing or, have experienced prostate cancer, and
4.       Can read and complete a survey in English.

Participation includes the completion of an online questionnaire (head to to check it out!), as well as some brief information about yourself. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and you will have the opportunity to enter a C$500 prize draw, even if you do not wish to complete the survey. 
You can also access the survey directly using this link:

Sunday, March 29, 2020

BC Prostate Cancer Support Groups Newsletter - March 28, 2020

COVID-19 Update
Hello all,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy right now. It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks, but we want you to know that we are still here for you and will continue to be throughout these unprecedented times.
Our office is currently closed to the public to ensure the safety of the staff and our supporters, but we are still hard at work to ensure that you will have a continuum of support. Now more than ever, we recognize how important it is for us to be there for you, especially as the majority of you are in the demographic most vulnerable to COVID-19.

As you know, in-person support group meetings have been postponed indefinitely to adhere to public health protocols and to ensure the safety of yourselves and your support group members. If you are interested in the option to hold your support group meetings online over video chat, please let me know and I would be more than happy to help you set that up. I have upgraded our Foundation Zoom account to the 'Pro' version which extends the maximum meeting duration from 40 minutes to up to 24 hours; all support groups are welcome to use this account. All online support group meetings will be updated on as they become available.

In the meantime, Dale Erikson, the Chilliwack Support Group leader, is extending an invitation to you, and all of your support group members, to his meeting over Zoom that will be taking place on Thursday, April 2nd at 7:00 pm. Their speaker will be the Pharmacy Manager from Pharmasave Health Centre, Nader Khattab, B.Sc Pharm, R.Ph, who will be speaking about cannabis for medical purposes. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions over the chat line.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP below and I will send you the link to the meeting. Please keep in mind that, in respect to our speaker, we request that no one record the meeting. I am also happy to assist you in getting started with Zoom if you wish. Click here for a short help guide that I've put together.

Thinking of you all! If there's anything else we can do to provide you with support right now, please let me know.

Will you be attending the Chilliwack Prostate Cancer Support Group meeting?
04/02/20 7:00pm - 04/02/20 9:00pm
The Pharmacy Manager from Pharmasave Health Centre, Nader Khattab, B.Sc Pharm, R.Ph, will be speaking about Cannabis for medical purposes.
I'll be there! Send me the info.
I can't make it
March Issue of Prostatepedia
The March issue of ProstatePedia includes interviews with several lead clinicians discussing their management of COVID-19 with their prostate cancer patients. Hopefully some of this information will be helpful for you.
New Video On Support Groups Website
New Developments in Radionuclide Imaging and Therapy of Prostate Cancer
Many thanks to Bob Tomyk of the Surrey Prostate Cancer Support Group, videographer, Doug Lucas, for volunteering his time and equipment to film this presentation, and Dr. Arman Rahmim for taking the time to speak to the Surrey Support Group on February 29th, 2020.
Virtual Presenters
Dr. Michael Cox
Dr. Michael Cox, one of Prostate Cancer BC's directors, as well as Senior Research Scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Centre and Associate Professor at the Department of Urologic Sciences at UBC, has kindly offered to be a speaker at your virtual support group meetings.

If you are interested in having Dr. Cox speak at your meeting, please let me know and I will put you in touch.
SIRvivor Exercise Classes Postponed
The following is a message from the SIRvivor program coordinator:

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the vulnerable group the SIRvivor program serves, the BC Recreation and Parks Association and the UBC Research Group will be postponing all spring and summer SIRvivor programming. We plan to offer the classes at community centres throughout BC again in Fall 2020. 

We would like to thank you for your support and promotion of the program thus far and for being key in helping us reach potential participants.
We will be monitoring information from our federal and provincial health officials in the coming months. I will be connecting with each PCSC Site Lead in the summer to confirm dates and information for fall classes and will send along updated posters at that time. I am also reaching out to support group leaders in the regions we offer classes, updating them on the postponement and encouraging them to reach out to me with any questions.
Thank you for your support of the SIRvivor BC Exercise Program. Please feel free to contact me if we can be of assistance.
All the best,

Sarah Campbell 
SIRvivor Research Coordinator
New Support Groups
Do you know anyone in Northern or Eastern BC who may be interested in leading or starting their own Prostate Cancer Support Group?

If so, please let me know, as we would love to assist them in starting a group to ensure that men all over the province are able to benefit from the empowerment that comes from being a part of a support group. In addition to continued support from the Foundation, support groups have access to free marketing material created by us, help with advertising, assistance in finding an appropriate venue to host their meetings, and will receive our Support Group Handbook that guides its readers through the process of establishing their group.

Our goal is to provide support to as many men as possible in B.C. Many communities are likely unable to access the emotional support that they may need.

Communities that do not currently have support groups include Prince George, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Quesnel, Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Castlegar, Revelstoke, and others.

Please feel free to email or call myself, Richelle Green, at or 604-574-5100 if there is someone you know who may be interested.