Canada has over 60 Prostate Cancer Support Groups that meet once a month. This Richmond group in British Columbia is founded in 2013 by volunteers and focused on providing help to Chinese-speaking men, but everyone is welcome. We speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin, meet on the second Thursday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Seniors Centre of Minoru Centre for Active Living (7191 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC V6Y 1N9 Multipurpose Room 1 (1033)). Join us for the professional presentation and talk to other men and family members who have been dealing with prostate cancer for weeks, months or even years.

No registration is required and all ages are welcome. Please swipe your Facility Pass ($23/year for seniors 55+ or spouses) or pay a $4.3 drop-in fee at the front desk when arriving for each session.

If you want to chat one on one with a survivor, you may drop in our walking club. The Richmond Blue Walkers walk 5-10 km on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am-11 am, along the beautiful river dykes and parks in Richmond (Walk in the Richmond Shopping Centre during the rainy days or cold seasons). Click here for the schedule or contact Daniel Leung at 604-836-6423 for the locations and meeting places.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of BC accepts donations online, please go to 捐款前列腺癌基金會請到

此支援小組乃義工組織,我們講英語普通話廣東話幫助您了解良性前列腺疾病與前列腺癌的病徵預防治療康復與最新醫療硏究等資訊每月第二個星期四下午6:30-8:30在「明納健康活動中心」的長者中心多用途活動室1 (1033)


列治文前列腺癌友步行團「藍天健行」每週二和週四早上9時至11時沿著美麗的河堤和公園散步在下雨天或寒冷季節步行於列治文購物中心)。點擊查詢活動更新 打電話604-836-6423 (Daniel)

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You are advised to seek professional services from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and health care professionals, if and when necessary.

Friday, August 12, 2022

SIRvivor BC Exercise For Prostate Cancer - New class in Richmond, Sept 14 - Oct 22, Mon/Thur 2-3 pm


The SIRvivor BC Exercise Program is available for community centres and fitness instructors. To access the program, please complete this form.

What is SIRvivor BC?

The SIRvivor BC Prostate Cancer Community Exercise Program runs for 6 to 12 weeks, consisting of 2 one-hour sessions each week. The program is tailored to men living with prostate cancer and focuses largely on strength development through resistance based exercise. The program is delivered by exercise trainers certified through the BC Recreation and Parks Association. This program is also being evaluated under a research study, which seeks to gather feedback from the program participants on their experience in the SIRvivor BC program. We hope to use this feedback to help us improve and grow the program over the course of the next few years.

Who is eligible for SIRvivor BC?

All men who are 19 years of age or older and have had a prostate cancer diagnosis are eligible for the SIRvivor BC program. All participants will also be asked to complete a simple pre-exercise screening with a certified exercise physiologist.

Where is SIRvivor BC offered?

Fall 2022 programs:

LADYSMITH, Frank Jameson Community Centre, 810 6th Ave, Ladysmith
Sep 20-Oct 27 and Nov 8-Dec 15, 2022, Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:00pm
Information: or 250-245-6424

CITY OF KELOWNA, Parkinson Recreation Centre, 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna
July 4 – August 29, 2022, Monday/Thursday 3:00-4:00pm
Information: or 250-469-8800

RICHMOND, Minoru Centre for Active Living, 7191 Granville Ave, Richmond
Sept 14-Oct 22, 2022, Wednesday/Saturday 2:00-3:00pm, 

Registration Class #175554: Online at / Call Centre 604-276-4300 (Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 5 pm) / In-person at any Richmond Community Facility

CAMPBELL RIVER, Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex, 225 South Dogwood St, Campbell River
Sept 12-Nov 2, 2022, Monday/Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm
Information: Contact recreation coordinator Justin Wolfe at or 250-830-6739

Frequently asked questions:

How will SIRvivor BC benefit me?

The majority of men who have had a prostate cancer diagnosis are not meeting the recommended exercise guidelines! SIRvivor BC provides you with a structured environment in which you can learn and practice safe, effective exercises and help you meet exercise recommendations. Resistance-based exercise may also help combat some side effects of long-term prostate cancer treatment, such as decreased muscle strength and bone density. SIRvivor BC also gives you an opportunity to interact with men who share similar experiences to you and build your community.

What if I am new to exercise or have not worked out in years? Is this program right for me?

Yes! SIRvivor BC is designed for men of all fitness levels, abilities and backgrounds. The exercises are easily modified to be manageable for each individual, and the program is run by certified fitness trainers who have specific knowledge on working with men who have had a prostate cancer diagnosis. They will be able to guide and coach you through the program to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience!

The cost of the program: what if I cannot afford it?

The average cost of the SIRvivor BC program is $50.00 when you join for the first time.  The program is two classes per week for approximately 12 weeks, for a total of 24 sessions.  That works out to $2.10 per class. For repeat participants, the program is $120.00, or about $5.00 per session – the same price as a Grande latte from Starbucks!  If cost is an issue, please talk to the recreation centre about municipal subsidy programs that may be available.

Can I continue working out at home after the program ends?

We encourage all participants to re-register in the program – exercise is most beneficial when it becomes a regular part of your lifestyle! Please contact your community centre for information on how to register for future offerings.

Current SIRvivor participants, please see the attached documents for home-based programs you can complete if you are not registered in a program:

SIRvivorBC_HomeProgram_Body Weight Only



For more information, please contact our research coordinator:

Phone: 604-827-1914

The implementation of this program provincially has been funded by the Prostate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Program.

To access additional information on the PCSC Program offerings and supportive care for men with prostate cancer, visit the PCSC at

InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care - August 2022 Newsletter


Reta and John found the support they needed at InspireHealth
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about InspireHealth." Reta, Victoria

After having her esophagus removed due to cancer in June 2020, Reta was in pain, had no energy, and her weight fell to 92 lbs. Through her difficult journey, InspireHealth was there every step of the way with counselling, exercise, and nutrition support.
Read Reta's full story here
"It's scary to think how I would have coped without them." John, Kelowna

John was a very healthy 69-year-old, so was in total shock when he learned he had prostate cancer. He went to InspireHealth to get support through our team of supportive care physicians, counsellors, dietitians and exercise therapists and is now cancer free.
Read John's full story here

It is only through the generosity of supporters like you that we can continue offering essential supportive care services at no-cost to our patients. 

Please consider supporting our summer campaign.

Quick and Tasty Summer Eats

As we head into the last month of summer, you may want to be spending less time in the kitchen and more time with a great book, being in the garden, wandering the forest, or swimming at the beach. This month our nutrition team is bringing you simple and satisfying snacks and meals that can be useful all year round but particularly when time is short. 
Quick meals and snacks can still be nutrient-dense and delicious. Whether we are experimenting with spices, combining vegetables, using up fresh local berries, or trying something new, our recipes this month will hopefully inspire you. August is a great month for local foods whether growing greens in a pot on your porch or finding a berry patch for picking, if you have the energy, it can be a good time to harvest and stock up the freezer for the fall and winter.
If this sounds interesting to you, join us on August 11th for Simple Summer Snacks (register by 3:00 pm, August 10th) and August 25th for Sheet Pan Dinners and Berry Crisp.
August 2022 Class Schedule

Program Highlights



Thursday, Aug 18
1:00 - 2:00 pm

Nutrition Workshop: Encouraging Kindness: Normalizing Emotional Eating 

This workshop will explore a unique perspective on emotional eating and how it may be helping to support your body.
Thursday, Aug 25
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Cooking Class: Sheet Pan Dinners & Berry Crisp

Join us for some simple, easy sheet pan dinners and a delicious berry dessert.

Inspired Conversations

Wednesday, Aug 17
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Creativity for Self-Care 

In this workshop we will explore how creativity can help us revise, reframe, and reimagine ourselves in difficult times.
Wednesday, Aug 31
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Spirit & Well-Being 

Connecting with our own unique sense of spirit/soul/essence/life force can help transform fear and worry and bring us a sense of peace, joy, gratitude and freedom.

Gather Your Friends and Take Advantage of Our Early Bird Summer Table Rate!

Don't miss out on the A Night to Inspire Gala on October 18th at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver. Our largest fundraiser of the year will be more memorable than ever! Enjoy top entertainment, an unrivalled live and silent auction, and emotional patient stories that will deeply touch your heart. Help us raise funds for essential programs and services to support cancer patients across the province.
Early bird tables of 10: $4,050 | Tickets: $450 each
Buy Tickets
Participate in Supportive Cancer Care Research by BC Cancer & UBC

Share Your Story

Your story matters.
We want to give the world a deeper understanding of how the last two years have been especially challenging and isolating for our cancer patients. We are especially looking for stories from patients not in Vancouver. If you are comfortable, we would be incredibly honoured if you shared how you found inspiration in your cancer journey.

Not sure where to start? Please email Leanne at for help.
Please note: We will always respect your privacy, and there are many ways to share what impact InspireHealth has had in your life, like writing a testimonial, sharing a photo with a caption, or creating a short video.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Richmond Blue Walker Schedule 列治文「藍天健行」步行團時間表

   Extra Walking Days on August 30, 2022, Tuesday and September 1, Thursday, 

We will walk in South Arm Community Park, 8880 Williams Road

9 am meet at the front door of South Arm Community Centre


The Richmond Blue Walkers have walked 10km along the beautiful river dikes of Fraser River in 2 hours (9-11 am) every Tuesday/Thursday since 2017. We have a new walking route schedule after 5 years. Please join in or drop by to say hello:

Meeting places:

On the 1st and 2nd weeks of the month, please meet at the "Terra Nova Public Washroom" parking lot. 

每月第1、2週請在 “Terra Nova公共洗手間” 停車場集合。

The 3rd and 4th weeks are at "Garry Point Park Parking Area". (The 5th week TBA) 

第 3、4 週在 “Garry Point 公園停車場” 集合。(第 5 週容後公佈) 

You may find the meeting place by entering the above address on Google Map.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

七月至十月實體講座 In-person Monthly Meeting July-October 2022 at Minoru Seniors Centre

從 2022 年 4 月開始,我們加入了列治文明納老人中心 (Minoru Centre) 的設施使用證計劃。每個月的第二個星期四晚上 6:30 pm 到 8:30 pm我們有專業人士講解健康主題,然後與所有患者和家屬進行圓桌分享。

  • 請在前台刷您的設施使用證(Facility Pass 55 歲以上的老年人或配偶每年 28 元)
  • 該證可使用於50多項每周活動
  • 如果沒有設施使用證 ,請提前15分鐘到達,在前台購買4.3元的入場費。

2022 年 7 月 14 日,星期四 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
英語講座 前列腺癌支持治療 (PCSC) 計劃簡介
講員 : 溫哥華前列腺中心 PCSC 計劃 項目協調員 Jenna Bentley, BA 

2022 年 8 月 11 日,星期四 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
粵語講 一般泌尿外科手術的術前和術後觀
講員 : Frank Cheng, RN 列治文醫院退休註冊護士,擁有34年的手術室、康復室和門診經驗。

2022 年 9 月 8 日,星期四 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
英語講座 盆底物理治療 (凱格爾理療)
講員 : Envision Physiotherap註冊物理治療師 Marcy Dayan BSR, MHA 

2022 年 10 月 14 日,星期四 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
粵語講 了解格里森指數
講員 : 列治文前列腺癌支援網絡義務顧問 余威廉博士註册護士

查找更多不同題目的中英語講座錄影,請到我們的網頁 (當你用手機進入時,若看不到排列在右邊的二百多項網頁連結,請滚動至最下方,點擊 View Web Version 就會看到)。
查詢電話 604-836-6423 網站

Started from April 2022, we are part of the Minoru Centre's Seniors Facility Pass programPlease swipe your pass (annual $25 for seniors 55+ or spouse) at the front desk or pay a $4.5 drop-in fee when arriving for each session. 

We meet every month on the second Thursday evening from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. We have the health topics presented by the professionals and then have the roundtable sharing with all patients and families. 

Here is the next four months' program:

July 14, 2022, Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
English presentation by Jenna Bentley BA, Program Coordinator of PCSC, Vancouver Prostate Centre

August 11, 2022, Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
General Pre-operative and Post-operative view for Urology procedures
Cantonese presentation by Frank Cheng, RN retired at Richmond Hospital with 34 years of Operating Room, Recovery Room and Outpatient Ambulatory Experience.

September 8, 2022, Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (Kegel Physiotherapy) 
English presentation by Marcy Dayan BSR, MHA  of Envision Physiotherapy

October 14, 2022, Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 
Understanding Gleason Scores  
Cantonese presentation by Wellam Yu Ko, RN, PhD our Volunteer advisor since 2013

If you would like to attend monthly meetings of other cities' support networks, please check this national calendar

If you want to find more videos of Chinese and English presentations on different topics, please go to our website (When you enter with your mobile phone, you may not see the 260 webpage links on the right, please scroll down and click View Web Version to see it). 

You may visit the SIRvivor BC website for the virtual class and classes in other cities.

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer through a biopsy, don't hesitate to contact the Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program for the survivorship program. Or view the recording of these seven modules online. Also, don't miss the Prostate Cancer Exercise Program before or after your treatment! 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program 前列腺癌支持護理計劃 (你可以要求中文翻譯服務)

The PCSC Program is a comprehensive survivorship program developed in 2013 at the Vancouver Prostate Centre for men with prostate cancer, their partners, and families from the time of initial diagnosis onwards. Men can self-refer to this program or be referred by their doctor (a doctor’s referral is required for the Sexual Health Service).

The PCSC Program is a clinical, educational, and research-based approach to care, addressing the challenges of decision-making and coping along the entire disease trajectory to serve both the patient and their partner’s physical and psychological needs.

2013 年溫哥華前列腺中心開始PCSC計劃為前列腺癌患者、他們的伴侶和家庭診時開始製定的一項綜合存活計劃。 男性可以自行參加該計劃或由他們的家庭醫生轉(性健康服務需醫生轉)。

PCSC 計劃是一種基於臨床、教育和研究的護理方法,旨在解決決策和應對整個疾病軌蹟的挑戰,以滿足患者及其伴侶的身心需求。

單元 1:前列腺癌和主要治療方案簡介

單元 2:性康復

單元 3:生活方式管理 - 運動營養

單元 4:雄激素剝奪療法治療相關副作用的識別和管理

單元 5:膀胱和腸道問題的盆底物理治療

單元 6:諮詢服務

單元 7:轉移性前列腺癌疾病管理 - 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

五月至七月實體講座 In-person Monthly Meeting May-July 2022 at Minoru Seniors Centre

 The July 14 "Gleason Scores" presentation was rescheduled to October 14, 2022.

7 月 14 日的“格里森數”講改期到 2022 年 10 月 14 日。