British Columbia has over 20 Prostate Cancer Support Groups meet once a month. This group is focused on providing help to Chinese-speaking men, but everyone is welcome. We speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English, meet on the second Thursday of every month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Richmond Public Library (2/F Brighouse Main Branch, 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC V6Y 1R8). Please register online at The Richmond Public Library website (or call 604-231-6413 for registration). Join us for the professional presentation and talk to other men and family members who have been dealing with prostate cancer for weeks, months or even years.

If you want to chat with a survivor one on one, you may drop in our walking club. The Richmond Blue Walkers walk on every Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11am, 5-10 km along the beautiful river dykes and parks in Richmond (Walk in the Richmond Shopping Centre during the raining days or cold seasons). Click here for the schedule or contact Daniel Leung at 604-836-6423 for the locations and meeting places.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of BC accepts donation online, please go to 捐款前列腺癌基金會請到

此支援小組乃義工組織我們講普通話廣東話和英語幫助您了解良性前列腺疾病與前列腺癌的病徵預防治療康復與最新醫療硏究等資訊我們每月一次第二個星期四從下午7:009:00在列治文公共圖書館二樓市中心公眾泳池對面舉辦免費聚會邀請中英專業人仕主辦醫療與健康講座交流經驗與分享感受報名請到圖書館網站 或致電604-231-6413 (英語) 604-231-6462(中文)報名

列治文前列腺癌友步行團「藍天行」每週二和週四早上九時至十一時沿著美麗的河堤和公園散步在下雨天或寒冷季節步行於列治文購物中心)。查詢活動更新請打電話604-836-6423 (Daniel)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July to December Prostate Health meetings 七月到十二月前列腺健康專題講座

列治文華人前列腺癌支援網絡, 每月一次(第二個星期四從下午七時至八時半在列治文公共圖書館二樓(市中心公眾泳池對面)舉辦免費聚會, 邀請專業人仕主辦醫療與健康講座,請到圖書館網站,並使用你的圖書館卡進行登記。如果沒有圖書卡請致電 604-231-6413(英語) 604-231-6462(中文)


查詢活動更新請到 或打電話604-836-6423 (Daniel) , 我們講英語,普通話和廣東話, 幫助您了解前列腺疾病前列腺癌的病徵、預防、治療、康復與最新醫療硏究等資訊, 交流經驗與分享感受。

2016714週四下午七時至八時半 治文圖書館二樓
關秉聰醫生 (Dr. Winkle Kwan) 素裡醫院的腫瘤科醫生 
粵語講解 放射治療  (Radiation Therapy)

2016811週四下午七時至八時半 治文圖書館二樓
董學森博士 (Dr. Xuesen Dong) - 溫哥華前列腺中心研究主任
國語講解 前列腺癌和前列腺癌的研究  (Prostate Cancer and Prostate Cancer Research)

201698週四下午七時至八時半 治文圖書館二樓
黃健儀中醫師 (Dr. Jenny Huang)  - 卑詩省中醫針灸師聨合會會長
粵語講解 中國傳統醫學和前列腺健康  (Traditional Chinese Medicine and ProstateHealth)

中醫學怎看前列腺腫大 – AUG 24, 2016 OMNI TV

列腺癌與中醫 – SEP 7, 2016 OMNI TV

20161013週四下午七時至八時半 治文圖書館二樓
英語講解 粵語翻譯 - (運動在前列腺癌康復,預防復發和存活的關鍵作用)
October 13, 2016, Thursday 7-8:30pm at Richmond Public Library (Brighouse Main Branch)
Ms. Joanne Morgan, Kinesiologist - Personal Best & Back on Track Fitness, presents
The Essential Role of Exercise in Prostate Cancer Recovery, Recurrence Prevention and Survival 

20161110週四下午七時至八時半 治文圖書館二樓
許加玲女士  (Ms. Crystal Hoi) -  加拿大防癌協會 華人項目主任
粵語講解 加拿大防癌協會的華語服務 (Chinese Program of Canadian Cancer Society) 

201612月8週四下午七時至八時半 治文圖書館二樓
劉立儀註冊營養師 (Ms. Priscilla Lau, Registered Dietitian)
粵語講解 飲食迷思與癌症預防和治療 (Diet myth related to cancer prevention and treatment)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Prostate Cancer Study from Australia 澳大利亞前列腺癌研究

One in three men have concerns about their sexual health (e.g. erectile dysfunction) after

prostate cancer treatment. Many men are reluctant to get help for their sexual concerns, and

when they do, often men do not continue with treatment.

To date there is little research to help us understand men’s concerns about their sexual

health after prostate cancer and how they prefer to address these concerns. Our online Men

and Sexual Health – Prostate Cancer study will explore men’s concerns about their sexual

health, what contributes to their decisions to seek support, and from whom they prefer to

receive this support. This is an international study which is supported by cancer control

organisations, health professionals, and universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and


The Men and Sexual Health - Prostate Cancer study is an online survey that will take

approximately 30 to 40 minutes of your time. The survey asks about your sexual concerns,

side effects after prostate cancer treatment, quality of life, decisions to use services, and the

services that you prefer.

If you are aged over 18 years, have had treatment for Prostate Cancer and would like to

share your experience and help other men affected by prostate cancer please type in the

following URL into your web browser.

In addition to this, in the survey we will ask your permission to contact you again to complete

another survey in 6 months and 12 months so that we can understand if you’re sexual

concerns and need for support services change over time.

Please note: If you are receiving this info from your local PCCN support group in Canada

please note that this is not a Prostate Cancer Canada led study. Prostate Cancer Canada

is not responsible for any personal or contact information you may provide to the study, nor

the results of the study.